I have a mint 1975 fender Twin Reverb. I see alot of buzz about converting them with the "Black Face" mod. Before having seen the schematic I was expecting a bridge cell (Graetz) as for instance in a Marshall-preamp.
The engineers at Fender knew what they were doing. Finishing Touches. I measured the spacing of the controls on the Reissue Twin Reverb, and the spacing seemed to match my silverface. I decided to order a replacement faceplate to see whether it really would fit on my silverface Twin.
Twin Reverb AA763, AB763 (blackface) A00100 to A01200 - 1964 A01200 to A04300 - 1965 A04300 to A07000 - 1966 A07000 to A10400 - 1967 Twin Reverb AB763, AC568, AA769, AA270 (silverface) A10500 to A11300 - 1967 A10500 to A16500 - 1968 A16500 to A21400 - 1969 A21400 to A25600 - 1970 0100 to 3400 - 1970
Super_reverb_ab568_schem Super_twin_180w_schem Tremolux_5g9_schem Tremolux_6g9b_schem Twin Reverb Aa769 Twin_5e8 Twin_5f8a_schem Twin_rev_ii Twin_reverb_aa769_schem Twin_reverb_ac568_schem Ultralinear_pro_rev Vibrasonic_6g13a_schem Vibrochamp_ab764 Vibrolux_6g11-a Vibrolux_ab763_schem Vibroluxreverb_ab568_schem Vibroverb_ab763_schem : 185 ...
fender 57 twin amp guitar amplifier schematic [2 MB]. fender bandmaster reverb 1069 schematic [121 KB]. fender bandmasterreverb aa270 schematic [51 KB].
Excellent in vibrato or reverb circuits where consistent, high output power is desired. The 12AT7 is a miniature, high-mu, twin triode designed for use as a Rich-sounding Reverb Driver - Also Great for Headphone Amps! Low noise tube, selected for best symmetry and balance. A strong driver tube and...
Thon Amp Case Fender 65 Twin Reverb. For Fender style sounds I've been using my PodXT mostly but I've really wanted a Twin for quite some time. It does exactly what it's supposed to, absolutely pristine clean sounds, and the tremolo and reverb are excellent.
: I have an old Fender Twin Reverb Amp, Model No. SR 2100, that I need a schematic diagram for. Does anybody out there have one or know where I can get one? Fred Sr. I have just bought a schematic diagram for my Fender Concert. I am sure this guy has one for your Twin reverb too.